When it comes to choosing from the various types of blinds available, bear in mind these key areas.

  • What is your budget? This can have a big influence on the window treatments available to you.
  • How big is your window? Wide, horizontal slats can make windows look bigger, while vertical blinds are great for making wide windows look taller.
  • Think about safety. If there are children in the home, cordless blinds are a good option.
  • Do you want to create a focal point, or tone your blind in with the rest of the room? There’s a huge range of patterns and colours out there, so think about this before you start browsing.
  • Is privacy important? If the answer is yes, a blackout option is a must. Blinds of all kinds can provide this, so you won’t necessarily be limited on blind styles, but make sure you check carefully before buying.

Venetian Blinds

There is a wide variety of venetian blinds ranging from different colours to different materials.

An operating cord is used to pull the blind up and down. Opening, Closing and tilting of the slats to any desired angle is activated with a clear hard plastic wand through the tilter gear ONLY for 25 MM venetians. The 50 MM uses a cord for the opening, closing and tilting of the slats instead of a wand.

  • Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Blinds that comprise high tensile, vinyl coated aluminium slats. This is available in 25 MM and 50 MM slat widths. All pins are made from stainless steel to prevent rusting. Cords, ladders, and Head and Bottom rails are closely colour coordinated to match the colour of the slats. ONLY the aluminium range is available in the 25 MM slat widths. There are a few “wood-lookalike” aluminium colours to choice from, which becomes a great alternative for wood blinds.

  • Wood Venetian Blinds

This venetian is only available in 50 MM width slats. This product is crafted from the finest quality wood, as it is a product that is made from true wood. There will be variations in colour, grain texture and warping depending on the environment in which the forests are grown as well as from which section of the tree the wood is derived. These are natural characteristics of the wood and not flaws. There is no guarantee for warping on these products, thus one should not install these products where ventilation is minimal.

  • Mod Wood Venetian Blinds

This is a great alternative for when the environment is not suitable for wood blinds. Only available in 50 MM salt width. The product is made from a high quality PVC which is ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY. Given that it is a PVC product, there is once again no guarantee on warping. Over time fading may occur. The PVC slatting is safe in a moist area, although the moisture can cause corrosion to the headrail, whether it’s aluminium or galvanized steel.

  • Vintage Venetian Blinds

This is a great alternative for the modwood products. The vintage range are manufactured from advanced Polystyrene Polymers (a substance which has a molecular structure built up mainly or entirely from a large number of similar units bonded together).  This makes the product more rigid than the PVC product. The vintage range is also scratch, crack, peel and discoloration resistant. This vintage slats are only available in 50 MM salt widths. They are also totally water resistant, which makes them ideal for damp areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. They also have anti-fungal properties which is a very hygienic product. Both Modwood and the Vintage range are 40% heavier than wood blinds, thus if the space is too wide where the blind needs to be fitted, it’s better to split the blind to avoid warping.

Roller Blinds

These blinds are operated with a side control mechanism and with either a PVC, Silver or stainless-steel ball chain. The blind can be stopped easily at a desired position. The material is rolled up on either a 32 MM or 45 MM thick tube, depending on the width of the blind. The tube can be hidden with a Linea Valance which gives the blinds a much more professional look.

These blinds are functional and decorative whether it’s used for the private or commercial sector. Light, Sight or Sun protection with roller blinds is always a good and professional solution. There is a wide range of different colours and materials to choose from, each with its own features and benefits. There is a SUNBLOCK range, a TRANSPARENT range (sheer weave) and then there is the TOTAL BLOCKOUT range.

Panel Blinds

This blind has wide panels, depending on the number of panels per track and the opening of the blinds is either left or right. There is a reverse (panels moving away from the draw cord) and normal (Panels moving towards the draw cord) control side but no centre opening or centre stacking.  The panels do not tilt, but slide over one another when stacking. This blind makes use of the same materials and fabric as the Roller blinds.

Roman Blinds

Once again these blinds are made from the same fabrics and colour ranges as the Roller blinds. This blind has stiffening rods at the back of the fabric to ensure a neat fold when then blind is pulled up. This system operates with a white PVC, Silver or Stain-less Steel ball chain. This mechanism can be drawn to the desired height. The fabric is attached to the front of the headrail with Velcro for easy removal when the blind needs to be cleaned.

Dual Vision Blinds

These blinds are one of the latest window treatments for light-filtering purposes and is otherwise known as the Zebra Blind. The Dual Vision Blind range materials are all manufactured with 100% polyester fabrics that filter the amount of sunlight allowed, but still allowing you full privacy when needed. The blind is operated with a single chain control, the front layer will be able to move individually of the back layer so that the stripes move one in front of the other creating an open and closed effect.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds define windows with a clean, linear style. They offer ideal shading and sight protection for all living and working areas. Fabrics are made up of either 100% polyester finished with an acrylic coating or a combination of polyester and acrylic. There is a wide variety of different materials and colours to choose from. They come in vane widths of 90 MM and 127 MM, but the 90 MM vane widths are only available for some fabrics. The blind is controlled with 2 chains, one for opening and closing the blind and the other for tilting the vanes for light to come through or to be blocked out.

Motorized Blinds

These blinds are available for Venetians and for Roller blinds. We are proudly partnered with SOMFY and RAEX for the motorized blinds.

  • Roller Motorized

The tubular motor is used for roller blinds and projection screens. The motor is integrated with a wireless receiver within its casing. These motors are reliable, convenient and user friendly. The motors have built-in overheating and overload protection and are built of flame retardant materials. The components of the motor are pre lubricated to reduce noise. DO NOT BUMP or HIT the motor against any object, as it may break or lose its settings. There is a 3 year warranty on the motor a 1 Year warranty on the remotes when factory defect is proven.

  • Venetian Motorized

The motorized venetian blind is ONLY available in the 50 MM width blinds. ONLY SOMFY Sonesse 40 RTS motors are used for the 50 MM venetian blinds. Completely silenced as the motor makes no noise. The minimum width for this blind is 700 MM as we still need room in the headrail to fit other components. The motorized venetian blind is no different in look than the normal 50 MM venetian blind. The blind will move effortlessly up and down with no cord and toggles in the way. You will also be able to open and close the slats from the remote that is provided.



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